Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy, henceforth referred to as the “Privacy Policy” is created for the sole purpose of informing you of the policies pertaining to this website about the collection, use, distribution and disclosure of information that you may be asked to submit to us voluntarily through our website and its various forms. This Privacy Policy describes the ways in which information is collected from visitors to our website and the choices that are given to our visitors.


By accessing and using our website and services including e-mails and other services, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions mentioned in this Privacy Policy and are pledging your consent to the use and processing of the information submitted according to the terms of this Privacy Policy. We are strongly committed to honor the laws pertaining to the privacy and security of the information that we collect. We request you to read the privacy policy thoroughly and carefully before you proceed to use our website.


Types of Information Collected


Personal Information: Personal information refers to the information that you submit to us voluntarily during the process of registration or while accessing our website and services. Personal information includes but is not limited to user name, password, personal details, address for delivery or shipping, phone number, date of birth, gender, preferences, demographic information, photos, ratings, reviews, comments and any other information that you may have provided to us.


Payment information: To pay for our services or access the deals advertised on our website, you may be asked to provide details of your credit cards, or other payment related information to enable our service providers to process your request.


Email Information: To receive information related to our products and services through email, you may be asked to provide your email address and other information related to the same.


From Others: We may receive information about you from other website and sources that you may interacted with, companies that you may have transacted with or any other parties. Any information that we receive from others is categorized as personal information and treated as such.


From Feedback: Information including but not limited to emails, content of the feedback, attachment and others are collected by us and we may use such information to contact you for notifications and other information. However, you will have the option to inform us about your preference to not receive any further communication, promotional or otherwise from us.


From Technology: Certain information about your computer system used to access our website is stored passively. This information includes but may not be limited to internet protocol address, operating system, browser related information and others. An internet protocol address or IP address is a number that is generally assigned to your computer in an automatic manner. This IP address may remain the same for browser sessions or vary with every session if you are accessing the internet from a public place. Additionally, we employ cookies to gather further information about the date and time that you access our website, and advertisements on our website that you may have clicked. Cookies are information that is sent by a website to your computer and its hard drive during the time you access our website. Cookies can expire as soon as you end your session with us or remain permanently on your computer unless you delete them manually. Disabling cookies may hamper your experience of using our services. You can modify your browser settings for cookies.


Mobile Information: Information may be collected from your mobile device that you may have used to access our website. This may include information about your location, alerts, and other information you enter when signing up for our mobile application services.


Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance:

All our policies comply with the prerequisites of COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). In addition, we do not gather any data from any person below the age of 13 years. We promote our products or services for grown-ups. All our registered users at this site are required to be no less than 18 years of age. If we come to know that a user is below 18 years of age, we will quickly remove such information from the account. By using Social Ordeals, you ensure that you are no less than 18 years of age.



Use of Information

All information collected under the head of Personal information and other information is used by us for the following purposes:

  • To enable you to access all services provided by us
  • To maintain, develop and improve our service
  • To customize content and advertisements
  • To offer information about opportunities, promotions as per your preference


Unless authorized by you, the information that you provide us is NOT used for:

  • Selling, trading or renting with other agencies
  • Marketing purposes


We may however share the information that you provide with our affiliates or third parties in order to provide you with better services or to communicate with you. The information can be used to provide services such as sending emails, data analysis, marketing assistance, processing payments including those of credit cards, voucher management and customer service.


We restrict the information that we may provide to our affiliates or third parties to the degree necessary for them to give the services as necessary and require all our affiliates and third parties to use the information only to provide the aforementioned services. Some of your information may have to be shared with the Merchant sites whose deals you may have purchased for yourself.


If you do not agree to allow us to use or disclose the information provided by you in the manner as stated in the Privacy Policy, you may not use our website and its services. For certain deals, you may be required to submit information to the Merchants separately for the fulfillment of the purchase. Any information that you may provide to the Merchant site is governed by the privacy policy of the Merchant and we do not own any responsibility for the same. Some or all of the information that you may provide to us may be used by our affiliates or third parties to send you emails on a daily basis and we require that they honor our Privacy Policy pertaining to your information.


Apart from using personal information, we may generate information based on your usage but that is not directly associated with you as a user. Such information borne out of statistical analysis at our end can be used by us in any way and we have the right to use and disclose any or all such information to our affiliates and third parties as we deem fit.


In the case of business transitions including mergers and acquisitions by other companies through the sale of all or a part of our assets, your personal information would be included. You concede that any acquirer will be able to use and process your personal information as per the terms and conditions laid down by this Privacy Policy.


We may be required to disclose your personal information (a) for legal proceedings such as subpoenas or any warrants that may be issued to us and (b) to defend or protect our rights, third parties or affiliates or our customers. This Privacy Policy assumes your consent for sharing your personal information for the above mentioned circumstances.



Your Preferences about Your Information

You can exercise your choices regarding the use and sharing of your personal information at any time. Should you choose to do so, you can send in your request to not receive any information related to marketing or promotional activities. However, you may receive email from us updating you about changes in our policies or other administrative matters. This extends to computers and mobile devices that you may be using to access our website and services.



Third Party Advertising

Advertisements are enabled on our websites that promote third party products or services. These advertisements use Cookies or other similar technologies to gather information to make their ads better and more relevant. None of the personal information that you provide to us is shared with any ad networks or advertisers.

Our website may contain links to other websites whose content or privacy policies is beyond the scope of our responsibility. All terms and policies related to the collection of data through us does not apply to the policies of the websites whose links might be present on our website. Therefore, users should read the privacy policies of the other websites when accessing them. Additionally, we do not endorse the content, products or services of other websites that you might find on these third party websites. The links of other websites present on ours is simply for your convenience only.



Security of Your Information

All and any personal information that you submit to us is protected and adequate security measures are undertaken by us to ensure protection against theft, access and use. It should however be noted that despite the tough security measures for data protection, the risks associated with personal information cannot be completely eliminated.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to revise or change the Privacy Policy at any time. You will be informed of any substantial changes pertaining to the way your personal information is used. In case you find any of the changes to our policy unacceptable, you have to stop accessing or using our services. Continued use of our website after notice of such changes indicates your agreement with the changes.

If you have any questions or queries related to the Privacy Policy, you can contact us via email or through our website.