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Search – Google, Bing, Yahoo Facebook Advertising


As a top 1,000 Facebook advertiser, direct response is in Social Ordeals DNA. While many agencies are brand marketers trying to execute direct response campaigns, Social Ordeals was built from Day One with direct response as the primary focus. The DNA of a direct response marketer is just different from the DNA of a brand marketer. Evolving from a brand marketer to a direct response marketer is extremely challenging and most fail to crossover. A brand marketer is looking for the WOW idea that will move the needle.

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The brand marketer is developing the next big campaign to raise awareness. Direct response marketers are solely thinking about acquiring the next customer. It is a major distinction between Social Ordeals and 90% of the other social advertising agencies. Because of our strong passion for direct response campaigns that are focused on scaling profits from the Facebook channel.

Direct response marketers are solely thinking about acquiring the next customer.

Since most agencies are brand agencies trying to adapt to the direct response world, they typically do not have the full funnel mindset. They are focused on the advertising execution and a bit on the creative but typically ignore other key components of the campaign like the funnel stages or email drip campaigns.

Most agencies ignore key stages of the Facebook advertising sales funnel.

Targeting your audience cohorts on Facebook with the right ad to drive down customer acquisition costs requires a myriad of disciplines. From creative development to conversion rate optimization and deep data analysis, you need a full, well-rounded team to execute all the nuances of a Facebook/Instagram advertising campaign. Some of the nuances we live by are:

Understand Lifetime Value of Customers (LTV)

Capture events when they happen at the time of click and time of conversion so we can re-engage these customers in future campaigns

Focus on LTV not Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

Your most valuable users typically have the highest CAC. You need to achieve the balance between reducing CAC while simultaneously finding the highest LTV cohorts.

World Class Campaigns Designed to Hit Your Target KPIs at Scale

Always refresh your ad creative every 1-2 weeks for best performance. When everyone in your target audience cohort has already seen your ad many times, it becomes more expensive to achieve desirable results.

Execute thumb stopping creative with multiple ad types

The number of Facebook ad types continues to grow and so does their effectiveness. Rich attention grabbing media designed for mobile combined with testing all the pertinent Facebook ad types are keys to campaign success

Leverage Video

Facebook advertisers are seeing users acquired from video ads have returned higher lifetime value (LTV) and better engagement compared to image ads. This is because videos provide a much richer and engaging experience that allows advertisers to demonstrate the best features of their product.

World Class Campaigns Designed to Hit Your Target KPIs at Scale

Most companies are not successful at paid social and Facebook advertising. Facebook is not a profitable new customer acquisition channel for a majority of enterprises. Agencies and businesses alike have been “burned” by Facebook and have given up on such a promising channel. In order to generate Return on Facebook Ad Spend (ROAS) and make Facebook a profitable channel for your firm you need to pick the right specialized partner. Social Ordeals is that partner. We look forward to connecting with you.


Stage 1

New to Facebook?

We provide a Starter Kit for those new to Facebook where we will design your Facebook campaigns and make sure you are setup up to run your Facebook campaign in house. You take over from there.

Initial Setup of your Facebook campaigns

We’ll build your first campaign starter sets to get you started


We’ll work with your dev team to make sure all tracking needed is in place.

Creative Assets

We’ll need your best creative assets to start with. We can help supplement ad copy variations. You’ll need to provide the assets.


We’ll setup and provide custom reporting so you can see how your campaigns are performing against towards your KPIs.


Beyond the initial starter package, we provide affordable maintenance packages where you can consult with an expert about your account and use our reporting technology to view performance stats daily.

Strategic Overview and Checklist

Manage your account internally with our checklist and maintenance instructions.

Stage 2

Growth Campaign management –

If you are spending a sizeable amount a month on Facebook, Let us analyze your campaigns FREE of charge and we can give you actionable improvements that will deliver measurable results.

A high end Growth campaign management includes:

Account audit

We analyze the data you have collected to identify opportunities for growth and improvement to targeting, ad creative, tracking, LTV and all aspects that will help you grow your customer acquisition to the next level.

Media Buying

We will manage on your behalf through your Facebook ad account.


We’ll customize a strategy that caters to your product and your KPIs


We leverage Facebook’s native tools and our proprietary tools to deep dive into your data and mine insights.


We use real time optimization to drive towards your KPI goals.


Our reporting tool automatically delivers a daily update of campaign performance.

Creative Asset Recommendations

We’ll work provide recommendations on creative direction to drive the best results based on performance insights to your creative team or agency.


See how you rate compared to your competition